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Our team of professional archaeologists in on the Central Coast

    Professional Archaeological Excavations on the Central Coast

    Established in 2001, McCardle Cultural Heritage has almost 15 years’ experience providing a range of archaeological advice and services to clients in both the public and private sectors, and we are proud to have gained an excellent reputation for providing quality advice and work of the highest standard. Based in Newcastle, we specialise in archaeology and forensic anthropology (skeletal identification) in NSW, but also provide our services throughout Australia. 

    As a client-focussed consultancy, we aim to find workable and sustainable solutions for all of our clients, while ensuring that our stakeholders’ requirements are met.

    Our services

    We provide an extensive range of services to suit your requirements, all carried out by qualified archaeologists and forensic anthropologists, including:

    • Environmental impact statements (EIS)
    • Review of environmental factors (REF)
    • Statements of environmental effects (SOEE)
    • Archaeological surveys and assessments
    • Archaeological excavation
    • Physical anthropology 
    • Forensic anthropology
    • OEH permit application
    • Archaeological advice

    Our expertise

    We take pride in our extensive knowledge of local archaeological issues relevant to the Hunter Valley, Sydney regions and across NSW.

    We are the only archaeological consultancy in NSW to boast an in-house, qualified forensic anthropologist, providing skeletal identification to clients, the Aboriginal community, OEH and the NSW Police.

    Our team guarantee the immediate and correct identification of skeletal materials, ensuring all projects run efficiently, saving you time and money.

    Call our friendly team of experienced professionals today on 0412 702 396 for a free quote or to find out more.

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